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For Undergraduate Students Only                                                                                                          

A Quick Admit form must be completed in advance of each semester for which you plan to enroll.  The quick admit policy limits undergraduate students to a
total of 12 credits. If a student wishes to continue coursework beyond 12 credit hours, he or she must seek admission to the University through the Admissions Office.

Graduate students may not use this Quick Admit form.  For admission information contact the Office of Graduate Programs at 814- 393-2337.


This is a non-degree program and as a result, students are not eligible to receive financial aid.  If you are interested in pursuing an associate's or bachelor's degree program
at Clarion University, please complete the regular admissions process at  Students seeking a degree may receive financial aid.

Please complete the top portion of the form completely.  Use N/A for items that do not apply.   Items with an * are required entries.


Last Name*:       First Name*    Middle Initial:   


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American Indian or Alaskan Native   Asian   Black or African American     Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander    White

PA Resident*:                           If yes, name of county:   


Citizenship Status:   


Please check if you are sponsored by the following Program     SACM      IIE BSMP


If you are not a US citizen, please provide a permanent address.



Classification*:           Freshman  Transfer  Transient/Guest            Campus Choice* Clarion  Venango  Online  Pittsburgh  Offsite

High School Attended*      Dates Attended*  (MM/YYYY - (MM/YYYY)

High School City and State*  

GED received *:                   If GED earned, date GED was received:  (MM/DD/YYYY)

Have you attended Clarion University previously? *       If so, what year?   


If your are a transfer or transient/guest student please list the following;


Full Name of College Name (no abbreviations please):       


Degree/QPA:      Current College Attendance Dates: 



Please indicate the session you will be attending*:  

 Spring     Summer     Fall    Winter Intersession       Year*:          

Registration:  The Registrar's Office will contact you via the e-mail address you specified on this form with information on how to register for classes. 
You will be held responsible for tuition and fees incurred by your enrollment. If you decide not to take courses, please notifiy the Registrar's Office before the first day of the semester.

Undergraduate students requesting more than 5 credits for the three-week session or more than 7 credits per five-week session, must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and
prior approval from college dean.  A maximum of one course can be taken in winter intersession.

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