Program Descriptions

  • Overview of the Career Services Center
    This program provides information about our services, programs, and resources using a fun and interactive game.
  • Basic Resume Writing
    Using a computer lab, students will develop a rough draft of this job search document.
  • Intermediate Resume Writing
    During this hands-on workshop, students will
    gain greater insight regarding the sections of a quality resume and the content employers look for within these sections.
  • Advanced Application Process & Job Search Document Review Workshop
    In this interactive workshop students will learn the application and job search process from the employer point of view.  Through a mock hiring process students take on the role of an employer and must choose the best candidate after reviewing cover letters and resumes of a pool of applicants.  Prerequisite: students will be required to have a resume reviewed by the Career Services resume review team.
  • Career Research
  • Effective Interviewing
    Learn about the interview process, types of interview questions, and how to prepare for and respond to interview questions.
  • LinkedIn
    Learn how to brand yourself, make networking connections and conduct a job search using this professional networking site.
  • Netiquette
    Learn skills to communicate professionally and appropriately online.
  • Getting Experience
    Through this presentation, students will learn the various way of getting involved on campus and in their community and why career-related experiences are valued by employers.
  • Electronic Portfolio
    Using a computer lab, student will develop an electronic portfolio and learn
    how a well prepared and organized professional portfolio could be just the thing that sets you apart from other candidates.
  • Business Dining Etiquette
    Learn about dining manners and social skills as they pertains to professional settings such as job interviews, meetings and conferences.  The requesting organization will be responsible for the cost of the meal.
  • How to Work a Job Fair
    Learn what to expect and how to prepare for a job fair.
  • Job Search 101
    Learn skills related for conducting a proactive job search, locating job search resources, using online job boards, and more!
  • Community Assistant/Orientation Leader Training
    This workshop is upon request by the respective office responsible for providing training.